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Your Financial Freedom Fighter (James D. Martin, III) launches a Tax-Free Retirement option than never runs out of money in Retirement for qualifying Clients.

Your Financial Freedom Fighter (James D. Martin, III) launches a tax-free retirement option via max-funded tax-advantaged insurance contracts to perpetuate wealth and security for retirees. These innovative and proven financial vehicles are far better than Social Security or an IRA/401K plan.

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The launch of max-funded tax-advantaged insurance contracts by Your Financial Freedom Fighter (James D. Martin, III) was prompted after the owner discovered that max-funded tax-advantaged insurance contracts have been being used by the rich for decades to preserve and grow wealth perpetually for the owners of these contracts.

Your Financial Freedom Fighter (James D. Martin, III) Partners found that most individuals who had prepared for retirement with 401(k)s and IRAs were not aware of the harsh reality that they were not as prepared as they thought. A traditional IRA/401(k) supplement to Social Security benefits and pensions will be severely eroded by taxes.

This financial services company encourages all retirees to take a look at the tax-reducing retirement strategy to provide a max-funded tax-advantaged insurance contract as a viable option for developing a tax-free retirement. A max-funded tax-advantaged insurance contract can be structured to hold retirement money when structured correctly. If it is also funded properly it will shelter retirees from the danger of increasing taxes.

The tax advantages of max-funded tax-advantaged insurance contracts are too complex for the average financial advisor or financial professional to implement without developing expertise through years of research and training. However, Your Financial Freedom Fighter (James D. Martin, III) has mastered this learning curve and is now teaching people in simple terms to understand max-funded tax-advantaged insurance contracts.

Money put into these max-funded tax-advantaged insurance contracts has already been taxed at today’s rates, not tomorrow’s. With tax rates likely going up in the future to unknown amounts, getting taxes over and done within one’s life can be financially critical.

In compliance with Internal Revenue Code guidelines, Your Financial Freedom Fighter (James D. Martin, III) explains strategies that allow retirees to access their money tax-free using several 100% legal methods. When done correctly retirees can enjoy the money they earned without the burden of taxes.

A maximum-funded tax-advantaged insurance strategy, when structured properly and loans are taken correctly, will not hit your tax return. That is powerful”

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