Why outsourcing tax preparation to India is beneficial?

Why outsourcing tax preparation to India is beneficial?

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Tax preparation is time consuming and wearisome process, especially when you are so near to deadlines. For most businesses, it is the last-minute thing on their checklist and they scum to extra cost and labor just to meet the deadlines. Many companies and firms don’t want to tie up additional time and cost to in-house accounts and tax professionals as it is perceived as a seasonal thing.

Many businesses across the world are opting for outsourcing tax return services by KPO firms in India. Although tax preparation hounds every business but it is high priority task in terms of compliance and avoiding penalties.

For many years India has been an ideal outsourcing destination for the companies established abroad. The flow of outsourcing services to India has increased with access to cloud technology services. Outsourcing tax preparation to India helps in reducing costs while adding high-value services with professionally qualified and experienced accountants working for them.

 Tie up to an outsource tax preparation work to India

Outsourcing tax preparation services to India is the most explored service by companies all over the world. Here are some of the best reasons why outsourcing tax preparation service is beneficial in India:


One of the main reasons why firms outsource work to India is the availability of qualified and skilled professionals at an affordable cost. Tax preparation is a complex and important topic, accountants prefer to outsource tax return services to India. Having tax consultants and tax experts from India would save nearly half of the cost of what you pay for in-house tax professionals. At Meru Accounting you can save 70% with hourly billing for the service. We make your tax return affordable which helps to stay lean on your budget and reap huge profits.

Access to highly qualified professionals:

India is a top choice for outsourcing services as it has a large number of qualified, talented, and skilled young professionals. With many years of practice and experience, Indian tax professionals are known for quality work with a high level of accuracy. With tax experts on board so you don’t require much review time and can focus more on growth strategies and attract more clients.

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The benefit of time zone: Due to the time gap between India and other countries, you can have employees working while you are sleeping. So, technically your work never stops. Outsourcing firms like Meru Accounting deliver the client 24/7 service on time.

Data Security and Protection:

Businesses usually have a major concern regarding the security of their confidential data. Tax matters are always kept private. By outsourcing to India, you are fully assured that all your details, client information, and confidential data are kept in a secure database with the use of the latest data encryption technology. Client privacy is of utmost importance for Indian KPOs, thus it has gained the trust and customers for many years.