TurboTaxSucksAss.com made by Hasan Minhaj on Patriot Act to bypass the bait and switch of online tax software where you get charged a fee at the very end. : personalfinance

CK Tax is one of the more popular sites here, and the following will be biased by that, but at the same time I’ve seen more problems reported with it and more limitations than anything else.

I’ve been keeping lists of some things — here’s my list for CK Tax. I would recommend not using it without being able to verify or cross check its results, unless you have a very simple return that would probably qualify your for other free services.

My generic recommendation based on reputation is FreeTaxUSA if you’re looking for not Intuit or H&R, and don’t qualify for IRS Free File. That’s based on reports and recommendations from others here and r/tax rather than personal experience, and it’s not completely free unless you don’t file state, but it’s only $13.