Top 15 Tax Filing Software Products for Small Business Owners

Filing tax returns remains a time-consuming and complex task. But tax filing software enables you to accurately and quickly file tax returns. As a result, you can spend more time doing what you do best — running your own business.

Tax Filing Software

Take a look at our list of the best tax software for small business below.

H&R Block

With H&R Block, you can file taxes online from any device. Users have the option of having their return checked for free by a tax professional before they file, to ensure accuracy and help them get the maximum refund.

You can import the data from your W-2 or other leading software, eliminating the need to redo data entry. With this software, you can file your tax return directly to the IRS through an encrypted and secure program. Furthermore, if you file your federal tax with H&R Block, you can add some or all your refund to an gift card.

H&R Block’s self-employed online tax filing costs $79.99 plus $36.99 per state filed.


TurboTax is an easy-to-use tax filing software, which has free federal and state filing options for 1040EZ and 1040A filers. Tax returns are filed with 100% accuracy. You can also benefit from live tax advice from a CPA or enrolled agent about your unique tax situation. One stand-out feature is that you can prepare taxes from multiple businesses in one place.

TurboTax provides a final review of your return with a CPA or enrolled agent, giving you total peace of mind. TurboTax Business costs $169.99, and has five free federal e-files included.


TaxSlayer is full of great features, including guaranteeing the maximum refund you are entitled to, and, if you don’t receive the maximum refund, TaxSlayer will refund you the applicable TaxSlayer purchase price paid. The software also offers the option to deduct your TaxSlayer filing fees directly from your federal tax refund.

You can prepare and e-file your taxes on the go from any laptop or mobile device. TaxSlayer’s self-employed tax filing software costs an inexpensive $47. The Premium option costs $35 and includes VIP support and Tax Pro.

Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax provides fast, accurate, easy and secure online tax filing software, which is backed by Liberty Tax’s award-winning support available through chat, email, social media or in-person at Liberty Tax’s 4000+ locations.

The system allows you to decide which aspects of a return you would like to work on. Taxes can be filed in as little as 15 minutes and 100% accuracy is guaranteed as Liberty Tax double checks every calculation, meaning you can file with confidence. Liberty Tax’s Premium Tax Filer costs $45.


Costing $75, TaxAct’s inexpensive self employed edition is ideal for small business owners, freelancers and contractors. It allows you to file one federal tax return and each e-file state tax return will cost an additional fee.

TaxAct guarantees a maximum refund and carries a $100,000 accuracy guarantee. TaxAct provides seven years of access to your return. It also provides free technical phone support if you require it. Tax

The Tax’s Premium tax filing software package is available for an affordable $45. It enables small business owners to prepare and e-file their 1040 forms without any hassle. The system is backed by the professional tax advice of’s tax professionals and provides a 100% accuracy guarantee.

You can import your W-2 information with the press of a button, as well as last year’s return. The software checks this information for hundreds of credits and deductions to get you the biggest refund. With itemized deductions, makes sure you get the highest amount available. You can even get credit for your loved ones with this tax filing software.

Free Tax USA

Free Tax USA provides free e-filing of your federal tax returns straight to the IRS. State tax returns cost $12.95. Free Tax USA’s Advanced product option is suitable for small businesses looking for a free tax filing solution.

The Deluxe product has more features, including audit assist protection giving you peace of mind by having a tax specialist help you through your tax return. The product also offers Live Chat with Priority Support, which enables you to jump to the front of the support queue. This additional assistance costs just $6.99.

Jackson Hewitt Online

Jackson Hewitt offers a few different options for filing your taxes. First, you can work directly with a tax professional in your local office or at select Walmart stores.

However, if you want to file your taxes from home, Jackson Hewitt also offers a Tax Pro From Home option. With this option, you simply upload your tax documents to the online platform. Then a tax professional will review everything and get back to you within 24 hours. Rates vary depending on how complicated your return is. But you can get a quote and complete the whole process from the company’s online platform.

Credit Karma Tax

Credit Karma Tax offers a free solution for individuals and self employed professionals. The platform walks you through the process. And you can even take a photo of your W2 if you have a simple return and they’ll input the information into your forms automatically. If you have questions throughout the process, you can chat with a tax pro right from the platform.

Credit Karma Tax is free for both federal and state taxes. But not all types are supported. The company also offers Audit Defense for those who file using Credit Karma and for Credit Karma members who file elsewhere.

If you want straightforward service and pricing, may be the choice for you. The online software allows you to prepare and file both state and federal taxes for a flat rate of $25, no matter what type of returns or deductions you have to work with.

In addition to providing a simple platform, is known for providing accuracy and support in case you have questions. You can even go through your returns from a mobile device to complete them while you’re on the go.

File Your Taxes

File Your Taxes provides a secure online tax filing solution. The software offers solutions for both individual and business returns. You can also use it to complete past year returns, extensions, and other complementary tax documents.

Federal returns start at just under $50, and state returns cost less than $40. It’s also free to e-file once you pay for tax prep assistance.


TaxHawk is an IRS approved e-filer, so you can complete and file your entire federal return online for free, as long as it’s a simple return. Deluxe returns, which cost $6.99, include priority support, unlimited amendments, and audit assist.

You can also use the platform to complete state taxes, prior year returns, and extensions. Once you file, you can use the tool to check your status and keep an eye on your refund or make sure your payment has gone through.


ezTaxReturn lets you start your tax return online and then walks you through the process as you go, offering free support along the way. The tool is free for simple returns. But for small businesses and others with more complicated deductions, it’s just under $40 to file both state and federal taxes.

Once you file, the platform also offers options for downloading your return, amending it, and protecting yourself from audits. Each additional service is offered a la carte.

With, you can start preparing your tax return online for free. An E-File provider authorized by the IRS, the platform allows you to submit everything right online, with about a $20 fee each for federal and state returns.

The tool is known for being secure and for offering a complete library of various tax forms. So no matter what kind of tax issue you’re working on, you should be able to find a solution.

OnLine Taxes

OnLineTaxes at offers both a free and premium version. With the free option, you can prepare and file a simple federal return at no cost and pay $10 for your state return. The premium option allows you to file state and federal returns for $8.

With the premium option, you get support throughout the course of preparing your returns. And you can even compare returns year after year to ensure accuracy.

When it comes to the arduous, complicated and time-consuming task of preparing and filing tax returns, investing in small business tax software like the ones mentioned above, will help you file your tax return with confidence and at a fraction of the cost of a CPA or other tax professional.


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