Tax Preparation Outsourcing for USA CPA: 6 Major benefits in Tax season 2021

Tax season is around the corner that keeps the CPAs very much busy and involved in crunching the numbers. If you are a CPA firm or a business owner, then you have piles of tax compliances to follow this year for preparing tax returns for your clients. CPA firms need to consider using the services of tax preparation outsourcing firms and get their tax preparation done under the guidance of an expert team with a two-tier review process. Tax preparation outsourcing for USA CPA firms will also bring more flexibility and scalability in the tax return process that will eventually reduce taxpayers’ burden and positively impact their bottom line.


The 6 Major benefits of choosing tax return preparation services in Tax season 2021

Easy Data Collection With a lot of work to be prepared, checked and reviewed, accountants don’t get time to do a simpler task like checking their emails or having a coffee break. To get the task complete, they often rush to make mistakes of closing the books before collecting the complete data. Tax Preparation Outsourcing for US CPA firms will ensure that the data collected and reviewed will be 100% accurate and it must not create any possibilities for penalties while filing the tax return.

Zero Tension Regarding Tax Laws Most people procrastinate about things they don’t enjoy doing and bookkeeping and taxes are high on that list. Waiting to get your books up-to-date in order to have your taxes prepared will cause a domino effect. Employing an outsourcing bookkeeping firm early on will ensure you some peace of mind and you’ll be able to do some intelligent planning before the end of the year that may help you in the next year.

Accounting Softwares Financial bookkeeping and accounting is a time-consuming exercise. Also dealing with sensitive information keep things at stake. Accounts & tax outsourcing company in India make sure to work on the latest version of the tax and accounting systems/softwares. Accounting outsourcing firms have their own best tried and tested list of softwares, personalised for small to larger enterprises which they use to get the work done for clients in a more effective and faster means.

AcoBloom International uses Quickbooks, TaxCalc as quality accounting software that helps to automate bookkeeping and payroll, facilitates tax compliance, assists in tax preparation, and provides financial insights to give clients a competitive advantage.

Data Security when outsourcing The work process will be easier if the work/files you want to reach is available anytime you want. Most accountants agreed that it is convenient to save the files on the cloud and work on it while on the move or from the home but dealing with sensitive data is at risk of the data breach.

Outsourcing firms not only put maximum security on paper-based data but the one level higher security goes to the cloud-based system and remote access which has more vulnerability of data leak. The security deployed by outsourced accounting firms is much safer with firewalls, a backup mechanism to prevent data loss, Licensed Windows OS and other security measures to prevent abuse of privilege and exploitation of system vulnerabilities internally and externally.

No More Mistakes in your tax file Tax experts tend to do the job faster by delivering great value with limited deadlines and know their ethical way to avoid penalties. The major focus of the tax outsourcing firm is to claim as many tax deductions and credits as possible to improve client’s bottom line. It helps clients and accountants to avoid facing business-killing penalties as Tax preparation outsourcing deploy an organized two-step review system to ensure the job is completed with 100% accuracy.

Cost saving with Tax Outsourcing Services for CPA Outsourcing tax preparation can absolutely be worth the cost. By outsourcing your tax division, you can easily save money on taxes, make better use your of team’s time and focus more on bringing and enhancing client experience in your firm. Even when tax season arises, every minute of your accountant’s time counts. Quick turnaround time during the busy tax season can prove to be helpful as it eased the burden and make the process more efficient.

Outsourcing will not only bring more flexibility but scalability in the tax preparation process that will eventually reduce taxpayers’ burden and save cost in the tax season 2021. Also, if we do the maths, you spend 160hours per month on accounting and tax work for your accounting practice and your hourly rate is $100/hr, then you are spending $16000 per month to complete the task(excluding inhouse facilities and other expenses). Now if you compare the estimate with accounting outsourcing cost, you might find that outsourcing is much cheaper than completing the accounting task on your own.


Tax Return preparation is not a one month process to complete. It is a continuous one that goes throughout the year. Bookkeeping outsourcing services USA shave to prepare records of their client’s business transactions/books all year so that they can file taxes fast during tax season. It is a good time to reconcile bank and credit card statements to check the business bookkeeping flow. So, if you haven’t prepared books of your accounts yet, then do it before the rush time.

Plan Ahead:

Planning is very important to make your tax return season run smoothly. With many government updates and expected changes in the future, It is important to plan the tasks to free up the slot time for any emergency changes. Even if a CPA firm plans to outsource its tax division, they have to do it sometime before to let the accounting outsourcing firm take the command and file the tax returns correctly.

Bottom line:

To avoid last-minute tensions and rush ups, get in touch with our team today and make your tax filing process easy by partnering with us. Our team is offering a commendable service from the last decade with extensive experience and exposure to the International markets in accounting & tax outsourcing services, AcoBloom International has been set up for Accounting, CPA firms & businesses in the UK & USA with a view of delivering profitability and sustainable growth to them by outsourcing the compliance work so they can spend more time with their clients for consulting and cost-saving.