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So my state (MA) randomly sent me a tax refund check after I paid them. I owed state taxes for 2022 and paid them when I did my taxes. A few weeks later the state sends me a small check (about 1% of what I had paid) with no other info. Any way to check […]

I have read up on it, but haven’t really seen anything since talking about timeframe or good information. I know federal unemployment tax is being refunded and I’ve checked the IRS refund status but it only shows my original return. IRS began distributing in May, but wasn’t sure the time frame or if anyone else […]

I mailed in my paper return in mid-March by certified mail. I received back the USPS delivery receipt on April 22. When checking the “Check Refund Status” search tool on since then, I consistently get the message “We cannot provide any information about your refund.” My call to IRS, after following the phone prompts, […]

Hello all, Me and my wife filed our taxes back in February. We both filed separately though and I received my refund immediately. Now it’s been over a month and the IRS website just says still being processed when she goes to look up the status. Is she being audited? Or are they just behind […]