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kate_sept2004 | E+ | Getty Images If you haven’t gotten your 2020 tax refund, you are in good company. At the end of the 2021 filing season in May, the IRS had a backlog of 35 million tax returns that still needed to be manually processed, according to a report released Wednesday by the National […]

Visoot Uthairam | Moment | Getty Images The IRS warned Tuesday of a tax-refund phishing scam targeting college students and staff who believe they have a pending tax refund. Con artists are using fake e-mails to impersonate the federal tax agency. The messages display the IRS logo and use subject lines like “Tax Refund Payment” […]

Juanmonino | E+ | Getty Images If you are counting on a tax refund, you could be sorely disappointed this filing season. A new W-4 form and a pandemic-dominated 2020 may have millions of Americans receiving smaller refunds, or even owing money to the government, this year. “I’ve already seen people upset that they owe […]