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CLEVELAND (WJW)– New efforts are underway in the Ohio Legislature to require cities to refund certain income taxes paid by employees who have not commuted to an office in the municipality during the pandemic. The proposals would create changes for Ohioans who have paid income taxes to the city where their company has an office […]

Princess Bride impatience via Aside from having to fill out a tax return, the most annoying thing for most people each year is waiting for their tax refunds. The complaint is continually atop the list of taxpayer complaints. The frustration of waiting for the Internal Revenue Service to deliver their tax cash probably is why so many […]

Local shoppers normally look to buy TVs, sound systems and other items during the tax-free weekend, but this upcoming tax holiday is to help Texans stock up on the emergency supplies. “It’s good to have water, batteries and generators,” said Bell County Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Harmon. “The solar-powered lanterns are actually pretty cool nowadays […]

By Liz Weston Families battered by the pandemic recession soon may discover that the tax refunds they’re counting on are dramatically smaller — or that they actually owe income tax. Congress offered a partial solution, but the fix hasn’t been widely publicized, consumer advocates say. Refunds are crucial to many lower- and moderate-income households, which […]

We’ve been monitoring spending changes that have taken place since most of the world’s population went under stay-at-home orders, starting mid-March. In March, our customers’ data showed us the most in-demand products and services were those that could be digitally sourced to help consumers navigate their new normal at home, with industries supporting home activities […]

Here’s why you shouldn’t panic about your stimulus payment. Getty There’s lots of confusion—and unnecessary fear—surrounding the COVID-19 stimulus checks. Understandably so, since these “Recovery Rebates” have been made a part of the always confusing U.S. Tax Code.  The stimulus checks, which are one-time payments from the government to help consumers weather the economic storm […]