State Tax Refund Taken for 9 Year Old Hospital Debt : personalfinance

Hi, PF. I received a notice in the mail that my 2021 state tax refund was taken and put towards an old debt – an ambulance bill from about 9 years ago (from what I’ve gathered based on the limited info provided). This debt already fell off my credit report a few years ago, and I have lived and filed taxes in the same state my whole life so I was surprised that all of a sudden they took this year’s tax refund.

The return was going to be a fairly small amount of money so I’m not concerned about that, but does anyone know why such an old debt would resurface like this, and if I should be worried? I’m not sure if I should try to appeal as I’m afraid of re-opening the debt. I believe I would need to contact the EMS services to even get any details, if that is required for the appeal process as I have no idea the exact date or amount. I don’t want to contact the EMS service if that would re-open anything.

I re-checked my credit score and don’t see anything new; no negative marks.