Software development company named and shamed on list of tax defaulters

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A software development company has been named on a government list of tax defaulters.

The company based in Kidlington, Oxford, under the name of Julian David Enticknap, was included on a list first published in March 2022.

Mr Enticknap was found to make a deliberate tax default on £28,465.03 and the company has been given a financial penalty of £17,790.63.

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The list, which was published by the HMRC, details people and businesses who have been given financial penalties for failing to comply with tax obligations or deliberately filing errors in tax returns.

HMRC’s Publishing Details of Deliberate Defaulters (PDDD) routinely releases the information of those who made at least one deliberate default on more than £25,000.

This list is updated every three months and the information is deleted after one year.

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Mr Enticknap’s business address is listed as The Moorlands, Kidlington in Oxford on the Government website. However, it is understood the business has since moved locations.

The information released this year shows the software company made the deliberate tax default between April 6, 2010, and April 5, 2012.

Julian David Enticknap was the only name with an Oxfordshire address to appear in the list of tax defaulters on the government website in March and June this year.

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