Save on your work clothes – claim a tax refund!

Specialist work clothes, uniforms, footwear, tools, and equipment – many of us need these items to perform at our jobs and some of them don’t come cheap! The good news? You can claim back tax on uniforms and some other items.

Construction workers, teachers, and healthcare workers – find out what you’re owed and how to get it without navigating the daunting tax system.

Uniforms & Equipment

The flat rate allowance is a GREAT tax credit designed to reimburse employees for expenses related to buying uniforms and equipment! This includes costs such as Nurses uniforms or protective workwear.

These costs can cause undue financial stress to workers, and this tax credit is the Revenue’s way of easing the burden. Fortunately, the flat rate expense allowance provides tax back for a wide range of professions.

The tax refund amount differs greatly depending on your field of work, occupation, and job duties.


If you work in a trade, you can claim tax back on workwear of up to €352 over the last four years.

Construction in Ireland came to a halt for some time in 2020 & 2021. This, along with normal gaps between construction jobs means that people working in some trades may be entitled to an even larger tax refund for those tax years.

Tradespeople include:

· Bricklayers
· Cabinet Makers
· Carpenters
· Drivers
· Electricians
· Engineers
· Fitter Mechanics
· Fitters
· Floor Layers
· General Operatives (Example: Labourers)
· Joiners
· Masons
· Mechanics
· Painters
· Pipe Fitter-Welders
· Plasterer
· Plumbers (Non-Welders)
· Plumber-Welders
· Polishers
· Roofer Slaters
· Scaffolders
· Sheeters
· Steel Erectors
· Stone Cutters
· Surveyors
· Tilers
· Upholsterers

Doctors and Nurses

Doctors and nurses are required to purchase the uniforms necessary to complete their work. These may include scrubs and lab clothing. Nurses can claim €1,172, while doctors can claim €1,112 tax back on uniforms over four years.

Hospital Domestic Staff

If you are employed in any of the following roles in a hospital, you can claim up to €564 on flat-rate expenses for purchasing a uniform for work purposes.

· Porter
· Driver
· Laundry Operative
· Cook
· Attendant
· Catering Staff
· General Operative
· Waitress


Safety outfits like overalls, hard hats, and safety boots are necessary for engineers as they perform their duties. Over four years, you are entitled to a rebate of €530 on these expenses on your taxes.

Engineers employed by Civil Service, Local Authorities, OPW, Eircom, and Coillte are also entitled to this tax rebate.

Cosmetologists/Hairdressers & Beauticians

Cosmetologists are those who keep us looking our best. These include people working in the following professions:

· Hairdresser
· Beautician
· Barber
· Stylist
· Nail Technician

In these roles, your employer often requires you to purchase work clothes or equipment to perform your duties. You are eligible to claim up to €256 Euros over a four-year period for expenses incurred on these items.

Shop Assistants

If you have worked in a shop for several years, expenses on purchasing work clothes can add up. You can make claims of up to €194 on the uniform expenses incurred.

How To Claim

Claim your tax refund on your workwear today and start saving!

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