Price Increase after Digital Service Tax Compliance – Developers

Siteground, DO and Twilio are some of the services that have complied with DST. Developers are in for a ride.

My Digital ocean bill went higher for this month’s payment.

Mbona yako inaanza June na yangu this month?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I can’t think of any reason yours would start this month unless your billing date is late into the month. Not sure though if that could be the reason they’d do that.

I got notification last month around 17th. My cycle begins around that time (14th ivi), so I was notified that starting this month I’ll be paying 1450

Maze,KRA wameamua kutax kabisa,every major tech platform has now implemented some form of this digital taxes,so revenues at KRA are about to jump up a bit.

Next year uskie the tax has been doubled.

Kwanza when they were introducing it, some KRA official said there’s a possibility to introduce such a tax to all credit card transactions for foreign services as well. :joy::joy::joy: