Personal Tax Preparation, Corporate Quickbooks Clean-Up and Mentorship for Canadian Artist – Freelance Job in Other – Accounting & Consulting – Less than 30 hrs/week – Less than 1 month


I’m an indie producer of film and media, and I incorporated a production company in 2018. I hired an accountant for my corporate taxes and film tax credits. The guidance this person gave me for bookkeeping made it more complicated for me, and now I’m left to clean up.

I’m looking for a Canadian CPA/Bookkeeper who is fluent in Quickbooks and Tax Law to do the following:
1) help me clean up my existing corporate books from 2018 onward
2) help me prepare my 2020 personal taxes for most return possible
3) mentor me on the simplest and best way to bookkeep for myself using Quickbooks (based on my work as a producer of multiple small projects with varying budgets, and to best set me up for corporate tax advantages)

Things that make my books messy / Questions I will prioritize:
– transfers between my corporation and myself
– no payroll set up for myself as an employee to my own company (don’t even know how to best document this)
– sub-categories created in Quickbooks for different projects that are irrelevant now after the project is finished (should they have ever been created before? – needing advice)
– inconsistency in categories
– best practices in bookkeeping when running home office, and other personal expenses through the corporation

Things that confuse me about my personal taxes:
– i don’t earn any income personally, it all comes through the corporation
– how to best document transfer from corporation to personal bank
– best practices moving forward to put as many costs onto the corporation as legally possible