My tax refund is nowhere to be found : personalfinance

I filed my tax return on Feb. 23rd through turbo tax. My roommate turned in his return a day before me and received his refund about 2-3 weeks after he filed. I still have not received anything from the IRS. The IRS Refund Status Tool states that they direct deposited it on Mar. 3rd. I see no deposit from the IRS in either my savings or checking. Turbo Tax has verified that I provided my right savings account information when filing, and my bank states that they have not received any attempt to deposit from the IRS. To make matters worse any attempts to reach the IRS is met with a phone call saying that “call volumes are too high to accept calls” and the call is immediately dropped. I’m at a loss for what to do, and am worried that the money I’m entitled to is lost. What can I do at this point? Thanks for your time and help, Reddit.