More than 1.5million Americans in line to get tax refund from $145million plan – will you get a direct payment?

A PROPOSED bill would eliminate property taxes on personal cars for over a million Americans.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced a new bill which he said would save taxpayers $145million.


West Virginia could soon see relief on their property tax billCredit: AP

The bill called the“Car and All Vehicle Tax Elimination and Protection of Local Government Act” would refund property taxes that West Virginians pay on their cars.

“Today I am proposing legislation to get rid of the car tax immediately,” Governor Justice said during an announcement Tuesday.

If the bill passes, citizens would be refunded their county property taxes on their vehicles in the form of state tax rebates.

The funds for the rebate would come from the state’s General Revenue Fund.

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Justice claims the rebates will save residents $145million.

Potential overlap

The governor said the bill is partially meant to pre-empt a West Virginia ballot amendment that would eliminate taxes on property used for businesses purposes, including cars.

West Virginia Amendment 2, Authorize Tax Exemptions for Vehicles and Personal Property Used for Business Measure,” commonly referred to as Amendment 2 is on the ballot during November’s midterm elections.

Governor Justice opposes the amendment, and he claims supporters are using car tax relief to get voters to vote in favor of a measure that would radically change the state constitution and enrich special interests.

“By voting for Amendment 2 you are giving hundreds of millions of dollars and massive control to Charleston and giving big companies big tax breaks,” Mr Justice said.

The governor is not calling for a special session to vote on the bill, as he does not see enough legislative support for it, yet.

The bill’s future is uncertain if Amendment 2 passes in November.

Tax relief across the country

West Virginia is one of many states implementing or considering tax rebates as a way to give citizen’s a boost this fall.

New Jersey will be giving property tax rebates to millions in 2023 as part of its ANCHOR program.

And California has already begun sending out tax rebates of up to $1,050 to offset rapid inflation.

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