Mike Steele’s Tax Software Company, Ultimate Tax Service, Inc., is Now a Leader in the Field

Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. Founder and CEO Mike Steele

“Early on I realized the tax software industry was all about relationships. The relationships we build with our vendors, employees and customers are what is important” – Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. CEO Mike Steele

In a world where you have a multitude of choices, it’s important to find what you need at the right price and with the highest standard of quality. It’s no different in the field of tax professionals. In order to satisfy their clients, they require software that meets their needs to do their jobs efficiently as well as customer service that is professional and always just a phone call away to answer any software questions. As Founder and owner of Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. (ultimatetax.com), Mike Steele, says, “Early on, I realized the tax software industry was all about relationships. The relationships we build with our vendors, employees, and customers are what are important to me. Our employees are great people and care about what they do.” A growing business, Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. had over 3,000 preparers using their software last year and is becoming one of the country’s largest resellers of tax software.

A little background is important to understand the business philosophy and attention to quality Mike has infused in Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. Growing up in Muscatine, Iowa, Mike loved the small community of 25,000 residents. Located on the Mississippi River, Muscatine’s main employer is the office furniture company, HON, and a Kraft Heinz plant that creates their famous ketchup. Mike left his hometown to attend the University of Northern Iowa and finish his accounting degree. Upon returning, he was offered a position in his father’s new business, Mailboxes and Parcel Depot. He married his sweetheart from Muscatine, Nicole, and decided that they would stay there and raise their children in the small Iowa town. As their business grew, Mike explains that they started preparing taxes and electronic filing returns. “E-filing was new then so we were helping customers who were preparing returns by hand. They were making mistakes so we were fixing them and that is how we turned into a tax preparation office.” In 2005, Mike’s father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away early the next year.

In 2006, Mike saw an opportunity to offer the same services as his father’s business, and that is when Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. was started. “My wife Nicole and I started the business from nothing except our experience,” Mike relates. “Our main customers were check cashing locations since I had the experience with the industry. It went very well for a couple of years, but at the same time, we were growing in the individual tax market. We were selling software and support to tax offices across the country. We chose our partners carefully, making sure they could provide a product that we could stand behind.” Now with 17 employees (all from the Muscatine area), Mike believes in supporting and giving back to his community. “I always try to hire local, since I have invested in the community through real estate, I thought it was important to have most of my people living right here.” Mike provides his staff with the latest training and technology so they can quickly help tax preparers in a professional manner. Their Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. location provides many benefits such as a great work environment, training rooms, and cutting-edge technology. Their current location also gives them room to expand. UltimateTax Service, Inc. is a small-town company that offers big-time products and services. While helping the local economy in Muscatine, UltimateTax Service, Inc. can go head-to-head with any larger tax software companies. Tax software is only as good as the support behind it. That’s why UltimateTax Service, Inc. offers 365 Service with expert software support that is always available when customers need them. They are fully staffed to answer calls quickly and efficiently. One-call resolution is always the main priority. The customer support team helps hundreds of preparers convert their client data to UltimateTax Service, Inc. every year.

UltimateTax Service, Inc. has never been a “side project” for Mike – it’s his passion. Over the years, Mike’s company has developed many great relationships all over the country. Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. now works with both small and large multi-location offices.

Our Products

UltimateTax Service, Inc. sells tax software to fit many needs with a multitude of choices. Mike understands that not every office needs the same software and he doesn’t try to sell something a customer doesn’t need or want. Their Account Managers also assist customers in making the best selections for their business. Customers can choose from:

Online 1040 – free unlimited E-filing / no installing, no updating / includes 10 users

Desktop 1040 – free unlimited E-filing / installed software / unlimited users

1040 + Corporate – free unlimited E-filing / installed software / unlimited users

Ultimate Tax PPR – $15 per return / no installing, no updating / includes 10 users

Renew Your Tax Software – renew early each year / best price of the season / seamless continuity in services

Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. also offers bank products – a solution that tax preparers can offer their clients which helps them get their refund faster and pays off tax preparation fees without any difficulties.

The Future of UltimateTax Service, Inc. – ProClient

For the past three-and-a-half years, Mike has been developing his own proprietary management software called ProClient. It will be available later this year as a bundle for Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. customers so that tax preparers can offer it to their customers. Mike says, “ProClient was created because I saw a need to help our customers run a successful business. I witnessed and experienced the same pain of having multiple systems for my office – different systems to accomplish different tasks. We were selling a tax program developed by a large company but change at a large company is slow.”

ProClient is not tax software, it is management software, so the tax office (or any business) of 10 employees or less can use this software to manage their clients. It has a multitude of features:

1)     Set up customized scheduling with clients or new leads.

2)    A client portal so a business can share documents and can upload their customer’s documents having them all in one place.

3)    Invoicing and collecting payments from customers.

4)    Text messages with clients.

5)    Setting up meetings with zoom.

6)    Eventually will have campaigns so that a small businesses can have automation to message their leads or customers.

ProClient is designed not just for tax offices but for small businesses to use and is an exciting new addition to UltimateTax Service, Inc..

Mike and Nicole Steele – Entrepreneurs

An admitted workaholic, Mike, along with his wife Nicole, currently owns three companies with multiple brands, all of which call Muscatine, Iowa home. Their Ultimate Tax Service, Inc., a Fast Cash business, a real estate company called Muscatine Plaza Properties (which oversees 93 rental houses and apartments plus two commercial buildings), and Plaza Storage which has almost 1,000 mini storage units. They employ 20+ people all from Muscatine.

When not working and running businesses, Mike and Nicole spend time with their family. Their son, 27, recently married and just had their first granddaughter making Mike and Nicole first-time grandparents. Their daughters, one a junior in high school and another a sophomore at the University of Iowa are also their pride and joy. Both daughters are involved in dance, giving Mike and Nicole plenty of opportunities for road trips to watch them perform. The couple enjoys traveling and over the last 20 years they have been able to build great memories with their family. Mike says, “We also have traveled to trade shows and a few times I have had the kids help in the booths when we were promoting our software.”

Mike and Nicole take great pride in what they have built with Ultimate Tax Service, Inc. “The relationships we build with our customers is our commitment,” Mike adds. “Building their business IS our business!”

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