LETTER: Stop moaning – getting refund on council tax is straightforward

IN reply to Gary Bebbington’s letter in this week’s Guardian, he should have taken a breath and consider before he once again vented with his usual diatribe (Warrington Guardian, March 24).

The Government announced the £150 rebate in February more than likely after the new bills and associated leaflets were printed.

I looked at Warrington Borough Council’s website for the guidelines regarding this rebate (it took me two minutes) and found that if you don’t pay by direct debit you can apply via an application form which will be available in late April on the website and the rebate will be paid in May. Nationally, no applications or rebates will start until April.

Mr Bebbington’s proclivity for complaining all things Warrington slightly exceeds his arrogance in that he believes he can hold the council hostage by reducing his bill by the £150.

There is a process for the rebate but if he thinks he is somewhat superior that he can bypass this then more fool him.

The administration costs that he claims he is saving the council will be spent on recovering the £150.

The last three paragraphs of his letter sum up his character and he no doubt spoke to the call handler in the same tone that he writes his letters.