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Leading Italian Firm RP Legal & Tax chooses TIQ Time as its new Time Tracking software

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TIQ logoCRS Group, the official TIQ Time system integrator in Italy, has implemented the best-of-breed time tracking solution at leading law firm RP Legal & Tax. The software has been adopted by more than 150 lawyers across the firm’s 7 offices.

TIQ is pleased to announce that leading Italian firm RP Legal & Tax implemented TIQ’s time registration software. RP Legal & Tax has been investigating legal service providers extensively as part of its planned upgrade and chose TIQ Time to further improve time recording.

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Paolo Grandi, Partner and Member of the Board at RP Legal & Tax: “After an extensive selection process, we’ve found that TIQ Time offers a user experience that exceeds other products on the market. We were looking for a system specifically focused on the legal market to make sure that filling out timesheets is as easy as possible for our lawyers.”

TIQ Time helps RP Legal & Tax lawyers build complete and consistent time entries via an add-on to the Practice Management System and Document Management System. To ensure that timesheet entry is as easy as possible for every fee-earner, TIQ automatically captures the time spent on activities, such as drafting documents, emails and meetings.

“With our previous system, we found that time management was very time consuming. It was a manual process – with manual search and manual entry. By automating the process of time tracking, TIQ saves our lawyer’s time. More importantly, we’ve already noticed that our lawyers are tracking their time more consistent and we’re expecting to see an increase in revenue as a result.” – Paolo Grandi, Partner and Member of the Board at RP Legal & Tax.


Following the implementation of TIQ Time at other top-tier Italian law firms, CRS Group, was now responsible for rolling out the cloud solution at RP Legal & Tax as well.

“Roberto Castiglia, Partner at CRS Group: We are happy to partner with TIQ as the exclusive system integrator in Italy. We’re delighted with the results from all the implementations. It’s incredible to see how quickly TIQ Time enhances the relationship between law firms and their clients, thanks to the transparency and insights the software delivers.”

As part of the upgrade, RP Legal & Tax wanted a time capture solution that was easy-to-use, responsive, and agile. However, since their software upgrade was happening incrementally, they sought a solution that integrates with both the older and newer practice management systems.

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Nick Schils, CEO at TIQ: “We are delighted to welcome RP Legal & Tax to our customer base. The partnership with system integrator CRS Group allows us to offer the most advanced time tracking solutions in the Italian market. For RP Legal & Tax, this means they can provide their fee-earners a way to effortlessly construct clear narratives and capture all activities throughout the day. We look forward to welcoming more Italian customers this year.”