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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reveals how to get the possible biggest tax refund this year.

Deadline of Federal Tax Filing

The people’s topmost priority is filing the federal tax in an average year without the global pandemic, health crisis, and economic turmoil. According to a recently published article on Yahoo News, its original deadline, April 15, was extended until May 17.

The extension means that there is still a good chance that those who have not yet filed their federal tax can do so. This will allow them to get benefits from the federal government and the IRS. 

In a recently published article in BGR, many factors can delay taxpayers from getting their refunds. These are the typos and other simple mistakes that commonly happen. However, the agency’s decision to extend the federal tax filing will help millions receive their federal tax return.

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Tips To Getting Your Biggest Tax Refund

The IRS recently announced some tips on how to get the biggest possible tax refund this year in a published article in the U.S. News. They are the following:

File Electronically

The IRS explained in its announcement that filing electronically, whether through IRS Free File or other e-file service providers, is a great way to cut the chances for many tax return mistakes and maximize deductions to reduce the tax owed at the same time.

The agency also added that the software would automatically apply all the latest tax laws, check for available credits and deductions, do the calculations, and ask the taxpayers for the required information.

The IRS said that filing electronically is the best move a taxpayer can make if they are looking to cut down on the chance of typos. This will also help maximize how quickly they receive a tax refund.

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Double-Check the Details

According to the IRS, the taxpayer should all SSNs and names on their tax return exactly as printed on their Social Security card. Some taxpayers with dependents on their individual income tax returns must make sure when they input the SSN of any person they claim as a dependent; it is entirely correct as well.

However, the agency also recommended that before this, one must gather all income documents for the past year before filing the tax return. The taxpayer should also make sure that he or she reports everything.

According to the IRS, the 2020 Form 1040 questions if an individual got, sold, shipped, traded, or otherwise gained some financial interest in any virtual currency during 2020.

The department has made several more significant observations. Remember to sign and date your return. For those of you who have been into crypto, Bitcoin, and the like, there is also a virtual currency query that you will need to answer this year. If a taxpayer’s only virtual currency investments in 2020 were virtual currency sales, they are not required to respond “yes” to the question.


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