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CEO of Bevan Wealth & Tax Strategies

Shari Bevan Wealth and Tax Strategies releases a new product tailor-made for retirees.

We understand that as retirees, you face unique challenges regarding taxes, and our team is dedicated to helping you navigate them”

— Shari Bevan

SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2022 / — When many retirees are finding themselves with more complex tax situations than ever before, Bevan Wealth and Tax Strategies is excited to announce the launch of our new Tax Advisory service, specifically designed for retirees.

This service is designed to provide tailored tax planning and preparation specifically for those in retirement, ensuring that they pay the least tax possible while remaining compliant with all laws and regulations. This service offers a variety of discounts on tax preparation and planning services.
Commenting on the new service, Bevan Wealth and Tax Strategies CEO Shari Bevan said,

“We understand that as retirees, you face unique challenges regarding taxes, and our team is dedicated to helping you navigate them. For this reason, the company has expanded services to include Retirement Tax Planning consultation for individuals who are preparing to retire or have recently retired.”

Retirees can count on Bevan Wealth and Tax Strategies team of experts to serve them. The experts have over 20 years of experience helping seniors reduce their taxable income and maximize their savings. They are proud to offer this service at a discounted rate so that all retirees can benefit from their expertise. This unique offering provides clients with significant discounts on services and access to a team of experts who can help them take full advantage of available tax breaks and deductions.

This announcement comes in the face of the numerous tax changes that have come about due to recent pandemic events. These include Corona Virus Tax Relief Legislation and other related policies, which can be challenging for retirees to understand or take advantage of.
Due to age-related health complications, senior citizens may be less likely to access these tax services than other population members. They may also have limited finances to seek these services. Besides, senior citizens are more likely than others to become targets of fraudsters under the guise of assisting them.

Based on these factors, Bevan Wealth and Tax Strategies has significantly slashed their prices to accommodate these individuals. It’s part of the firm’s duty to the community, which makes part of its core values. The services will be offered both in-person and virtually to all retirees and older people within the company’s state.

Bevan Wealth and Tax Strategies provide a full range of services to help clients reach their goals, emphasizing financial planning that takes into account taxes, investments, future needs (including charitable giving), retirement income, and other factors such as personal or family legacies. The team specializes in tax legislation which enables them to give clients advice about how best to pay their taxes while taking advantage of any exemptions available under current law.

The experienced Shari Bevan is the head of this company. She’s worked in finance and law for more than 20 years, during which time she helped 500 clients plan their estates while managing wealth from those plans – including planning high-profile legal cases! Ms. Bevan also holds ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) qualifications as well CLU Designation- meaning not only does her expertise include all aspects of money but the legal industry.

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