How To Fix The Microsoft Blue Screen Of Death

How To Fix The Microsoft Blue Screen Of Death

Would you like to learn how to fix the Microsoft blue screen of death? This problem can happen even when your computer is at rest. For more people, this problem is quite frustrating and can be even worse then trojan or virus because if the problem does not lie in the hard disk (that’s where your data is stored) then it could be a problem with the hardware components.

For more people who have zero knowledge about PCs and operating systems, losing that Microsoft word document that required an hour to craft can be a disaster. Everytime we try to create a new document, there is a fear in the back of the mind that the blue screen will pop up again.

Another common symptom is the blue screen pop up that happens when loading start up applications. These applications could be accessing certain faulty locations in the registry or the RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The CPU, or Central Processing Unit calls data from these locations. The Registry contains data concerning the printers, OS, video card drivers, components and software found in your computer. When faulty areas are accessed and the data returned by the RAM or Registry are corrupt, the blue screen pops up.

Sometime the error appears when the computer experiences shock, bumping a laptop against a table can cause the error to appear. This is usually temporary and will not happen again.

If the error persists more then once in a span of a few days, then you have a real Microsoft blue screen of death situation. Before deciding whether you really need a Microsoft blue screen of death fix, you may want to take a quick questionnaire to find out what problem you really have, and the best solution for your PC.