Houston tax preparer Latunya Wright seen pulling out gun says customers were harassing her over refund

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A tax preparer who was caught on camera pointing a gun at a customer said the people involved weren’t even her clients and claims they came into her business unannounced harassing her over their refund, according to her attorney.

Latunya Wright was arrested last week after cell phone video surfaced of her pulling out a gun and cocking it at clients. Those clients claim they noticed issues with the tax return that Wright filed for them.

The video was captured at Wright’s business called MZ BIZ in north Houston.

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William Van Buren, Wright’s attorney, spoke with Eyewitness News after a preliminary hearing on Monday and said Wright was simply trying to get them to leave.

“These individuals came to her place of business, unannounced, (and) accosted her,” he said. “It’s tax season, and money does funny things to people, and when refunds don’t come as quickly as people want, people get pretty upset. (Wright) reached a situation here where she just had some people who wanted their money and wanted it now.”

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Wright, who did not speak with ABC13 on Monday, but stood alongside her attorney, suffered a dislocated shoulder during the incident and spent time recovering at a local hospital, according to Van Buren.

“It boils down to a situation where they wanted their refund,” said Van Burnen. “They wanted a refund now, they weren’t happy with the time period, the few days that it was going to take to get their money, and they came there in an attempt to get their money.”

Wright is facing multiple charges, including aggravated robbery and assault.

Eyewitness News learned in 2012, Wright was sentenced to more than four years in federal prison for her part in a multi-million dollar heist at an ATM servicing company.

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