Getting tax refund processing message from I-T Department? Beware! This could be phishing

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New Delhi: The Income Tax Department has asked taxpayers to not fall for phishing messages promising refunds. In a post on microblogging site Twitter, the I-T department has warned taxpayers not to click on any links with messages promising tax refund.

“These phishing messages are not sent by ITDeptt. Any response is to be made only by logging into your e-filing account and NEVER on email/links/forms,” the I-T Department said.

As the deadline for filing income tax return for the financial year (December 31) is approaching, miscreants are taking advantage by sending out fake messages that promise refund for the taxpayers. These messages contain a link to email/form to obtain personal information as well as bank details of the individual. Once you provide your personal details on these mail or forms, fraudsters may use these for hacking your bank account.

Through the Twitter post, the I-T Department is advising taxpayers not to respond to such messages. The above post also has a link to the official page of the I-T Department where taxpayers can report and learn how to identify fradulent refund e-mails and fake websites. Giving a disclaimer, the department has said that it never requests detailed personal information of taxpayers through e-mail. Also, the I-T Department does not send an e-mail requesting taxpayers’ PIN, password or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts, it said

Further, the I-T Department has advised that if you receive any such e-mail or find a website which you thing is pretending to be of the Income Tax Department, then you must forward the e-mail or website URL to and