Geek – Now Chic For Women Who Love Technology

Geek – Now Chic For Women Who Love Technology

The rise in super sleek technology has made cell phones and i-pods as much of an accessory as a designer handbag.

Technology for women is big business as companies scramble to meet the demand of ultra-chic products targeted to women. Online stores like , CharmedGirlOnline, brings fashionable women’s technology products together in one place to please savvy shoppers seeking the latest , most stylish technology products and accessories.

“We try our best to provide a one-stop shop for women’s technology products like i-pods and cell phones in fashionable colors and styles,” said founder Felicia Johnson. “Many of our technology accessories are in high demand by women who look at their technology purchases the same way as the purchase of their Christian Louboutins.”

Sites like geeksugar are forming online communities where these women can review and discuss the latest in technology all in a woman-friendly environment. Even video game makers like Nintendo are offering games options like the Wii fit and making sure they have games that are appealing to girls and women. The site caters to this trend and makes sure that girl who loves video games have an information-laden forum in a world that has typically ignored them.

With geek fast becoming chic, the importance of creating technology with women in mind is essential for technology companies trying to separate themselves from the black and white boredom of typical technology products. New colors and thin, more attractive styling and games that reflect feminine style and values ranks up there with functionality when marketing to style-conscious women.