Free online tax filing service open now | Community News

Trident United Way and partner SC Thrive’s free tax filing portal is now open and Tri-County residents could potentially save hundreds by using the service.

People can file their taxes for free if they have an adjusted gross income less than $65,000 for individuals or $95,000 for joint filers.

Last year they helped file nearly 2,500 tax returns which brought more than $1.3 million in refunds and saved filing fees. Statewide, SC Thrive helped with more than 5,500 tax returns and put more than $5 million into people’s pockets through saved filing/prep fees and returns.

Go to: to enter and register for the free tax filing portal.

Filing online is a more secure and efficient way to do taxes. Previous federal stimulus payments for COVID-19 went to online tax filers first, while paper filers had a much longer wait.

Online tax filing is recommended due to COVID-19 since there are limited in-person tax filing sessions compared to pre-pandemic years. The online tool features free virtual and phone assistance.

Important tax filing items:

  • Employment W-2, misc. income and any retirement/investment income year end statements
  • Health insurance coverage information (comply with ACA)
  • Childcare and medical expenses
  • Last year’s adjusted gross income and PIN to e-file

Go to for a full list of items needed to file your taxes.

SC Thrive Tax Counselors do not replace accountants and do not provide professional tax advice or preparation but are the helping hand for many to access free tax filing assistance.