Episode 139 – Crypto Portfolio Tracking and Tax Preparation with CoinTracker

In today’s episode, we speak to Chandan Lodha from Cointracker.io, one of the leading crypto portfolio trackers and tax preparation tools.

Cointracker offers two main products:

  • Cryptocurrency portfolio assistance – see all crypto holdings in one place, both hot wallets on exchanges and cold wallets on hardware or paper wallets. The free tier allows unlimited wallets while the premium tier adds tax-loss harvesting strategies, DeFi and further detailed reports.
  • Tax reporting – reconciled ledgers of all their transaction history and reports that can be presented to accountants and tax lawyers for the presentation of your crypto taxes.

We talk about the IRS tax form 1040 and taxation issues around the world.

If you hold Bitcoin or you’re looking to enter the crypto space, this is an essential episode for you, because it’s very important to know what happens if you eventually sell the cryptos in the future.

Also, with all the exchanges that have proliferated plus the massive DeFi space, it has become more and more difficult to track all your holdings, which is where tools like CoinTracker come in.