Ebay -Tracfone Moto G6 Cell Phone + 1 Year of Service 1500 MIN/1500 Text/1500MB (PER YEAR) $69.99 + tax

It looks like Tracfone on Ebay dropped the price of this bundle. It was recently $99.99.
You DO NOT get 1500 minutes/texts/data per month. This is total for the year of service. You can buy additional as you need it for a fair price. You can do a search for Tracfone promo codes for bonus minutes, texts and data depending on what card you buy.
It is locked to Tracfone. It can only be unlocked after a year of service.
This is a new phone, not refurbished.

5.7” Full HD+ 18:9 display(2160 x 1080)
CAMERA 12MP + 5MP dual rear cameras, f/1.8 aperture

Tracfone Moto G6 Cell Phone + 1 Year of Service with 1500 MIN/1500 Text/1500MB [ebay.com]