Ebay consistently does NOT refund sales tax when s…

I recently bought an item that was not as described & agreed to a partial refund.  The seller refunded me via paypal & it only included the amount of the partial refund, but NOT the sales tax.  I called ebay customer service & they told me that I should ask the seller for it & I told them the seller didn’t collect the sales tax, ebay did.  They kept repeating this & told me ebay doesn’t refund sales tax on partial refunds as a matter of policy.  I persisted & they finally forwarded me to the “billing department” & I spoke to someone who told me they would arrange for the refund and it would take 21 days. Well, that 21 days is over & I still haven’t received anything.


Now, this is the 2nd time I have had to go thru this & last time, I also heard the same responses above until I spoke to someone in another department who processed it in about 10 days.  Why it’s now increased to 21 days & then nothing has happened I don’t know.


I DO know that when you return anything in the state of California, you should get a refund of the sales tax too. So, I’m unsure why ebay is making this so difficult & why it can’t be handled without calling customer service & spending an hour talking to numerous people who clearly DON’T want to refund the sales tax.


Does anyone have any advice on what to do now?  Can I get the sales tax back by contacting the State of California Sales Tax office–anyone tried that?  I’ve tried in good faith for a month to get it from ebay & dread the idea of calling their customer service again.  Thanks for the help!