Don’t Waste Your Money: Tax Refund Delays

I’ve been hearing from more and more viewers lately, asking why they have not yet received their tax refund. Now, we’re finally learning why.

The don’t waste your money inbox has been filling up with emails from frustrated taxpayers like Mike Seidenman and Carol Abel. They ask: Where’s my refund?

“Normally it’s immediate. Last year we filed and got it a week or 10 days later,” Seidenman said. “When I was checking on the website, it did finally say we have your return, but we are still working on it. But I have been getting that ever since,” Abel said.

Cynthia Jenkins says her son has been hit with a double whammy. “He’s still waiting on last year’s tax refund and his stimulus, he never got either one!” Jenkins said.

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With the pandemic and labor shortage, you might expect paper returns to take a while. But the IRS now admits it is woefully behind on millions of both paper and electronic returns. The agency just admitted it has a backlog of 35 million unprocessed returns.

It blames staffing issues, new tax laws, stimulus checks, and now the child tax credit, that all go through its computers. Abel thinks they need more help, immediately. “If they don’t have many people working in the office, they will never get anything done!” Abel said.

The IRS says your refund could take extra time if you filed for the earned income tax credit, requested a missing stimulus check, were unemployed last year, or were a victim of unemployment ID theft.

It suggests you keep checking the where’s my refund tool at, though Cynthia, Carol, and Mike are losing patience. “It’s money we could definitely could use,” Seidenman said.

You can also try calling the IRS but the agency says less than 10% of people have been able to get through. As always, don’t waste your money.