Dallas firm buys provider of property tax data software

Ryan, a tax and software services firm based in Dallas, has acquired PTX Tech, a property tax data and software firm based in Atlanta. PTX provides a suite of products dealing in property tax data of tax jurisdictions across the United States.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Mihai Andritoiu/mandritoiu – Fotolia

PTX’s expertise is in extracting, standardizing and incorporating assessment and tax bill data into a proprietary database to make it readily available and consumable for clients. The company’s products offer clients electronic management of their property tax records. PTX also provides county-specific tax-roll data to help clients with their benchmarking and equity comparison efforts.

“The acquisition of PTX supports Ryan’s efforts to develop and deploy integrated software and data solutions for our clients,” said G. Brint Ryan, CEO and chairman of Ryan, in a statement. “Incorporating PTX’s data into Ryan’s existing workflow process provides us with a distinct advantage in the market by offering our clients a streamlined solution to manage and minimize their property tax liability.”

“PTX’s cutting-edge solutions serve as a valuable asset to clients in managing and mitigating their property tax bills,” added Stephen Wicks, CEO of PTX, in a statement. “Ryan and PTX share the same vision of elevating the client experience and offering valuable, time-saving technology to clients in the property tax space. Additionally, Ryan’s award-winning culture is a perfect fit for PTX, and we are excited to join the Ryan team.”