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Getty Nobody likes getting a tax bill in the mail. It’s especially concerning when your tax bill is a bit higher than you anticipated. But what happens when it’s hundreds of millions of dollars more than you were expecting? Just ask Donna Smith from Aurora, Colorado. Smith, a part-time worker at a local thrift store, […]

If you’ve traded cryptocurrency, chances are that you’ve lost a fair amount of hair–not to mention sleep–trying to calculate your obligations. Some hodlers only need to report a few trades per year, but if you’re moving large amounts of cryptocurrency, it might take some professional-level software to keep track of all those gainz. The cryptocurrency […]

New US sales tax regulations have recently been introduced requiring Rentec Direct to collect sales tax from clients who do business in a state that requires you to pay sales tax. Rentec Direct will be including applicable state sales tax to your invoice for products you purchase from Rentec Direct such as property management software […]

While the market is certainly looking a bit bearish at the moment, the massive gains that many saw take place from the beginning towards the middle of the year resulted in some profitable trades. As with all forms of profit, however, you are inevitably going to have to report this income to your government.  Fortunately, […]