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Canopy founder and CEO Kurt Avarell stepped down Thursday as the tax software company laid off 73 employees, after cutbacks earlier this year. Chief revenue officer Jordan Ray will become interim CEO. In March, Canopy laid off approximately 100 employees, or around a third of its full-time workforce, according to a spokesperson. Prior to the […]

Taxes: Can’t evade them (legally); can’t do them unaided (without a headache).  Even with the carrot of a refund check dangling in front of us, most of us hate to file our taxes. In fact, in one 2016 WalletHub study, 13% of people said they’d rather spend a night in jail than do their taxes […]

Filing tax returns remains a time-consuming and complex task. But tax filing software enables you to accurately and quickly file tax returns. As a result, you can spend more time doing what you do best — running your own business. Tax Filing Software Take a look at our list of the best tax software for […]

FirmBee / Pixabay Posted By: Michelle Jones Feb 3, 2020, 12:56 pm US officials blasted Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for using a pirated version of a software from a US company. The agency responsible for collecting Pakistan’s taxes said it was unaware of the situation because a vendor provides the software. FBR accused […]

H&R Block is one of the biggest names in tax preparation, responsible for preparing a whopping one out of every seven tax returns that are filed in the United States. Their huge command of the market is due to the fact that they have both 10,000 physical branches all around the U.S., as well as […]

A growing number of crypto tax software developers are trying to bolster their products’ technical credibility with the Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) stamp of attestation.  Attestation is an independent review conducted by a CPA, whose report includes conclusions about the reliability of data, statements – or systems, in the case of software services. Lukka and […]

If you have a traditional office job and receive a W-2 with no other complicating circumstances, preparing your tax return isn’t hard — just a pain. You’ll populate a number of boxes in some tax software, review it for accuracy and send it off to the IRS. All told, it’s not necessarily time-intensive. It’s just […]

On January 17, the UK tax agency Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) published a job opportunity for a private contractor to design a cryptocurrency blockchain analysis tool. According to the listing, the contract is for one year and HMRC will pay the contractor $100,000 for software that can “identify and cluster crypto asset transactions.” […]

Rate of tax & Classification of goods and services for Creation of Video Conference software/network 2019 TaxPub(GST) 0702 (AAR-Raj) IN THE AUTHORITY FOR ADVANCE RULING, RAJASTHAN BENCH J.P. MEENA & HEMANT JAIN MEMBER Vedant Synergy (P) Ltd., In re AAR No. RAJ/AAR/2019-20/11 3 June, 2019 Applicant by: Sandeep Gupta (Director), R. K. Bakiwala (Authorised Representative) Note: Under […]

Cryptocurrencies brought four main groups together: investors, traders, miners, and thieves. As the cryptosphere gained more traction, revenue authorities came knocking and started talking about the need for crypto traders and investors to pay tax. Then I realized: Ah, so Benjamin Franklin was right when he said nothing is certain in this world except death […]