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Workers across the country could be missing out on much-needed cash that would make a big difference amid the spiralling cost of living. With bills, particularly the cost of heating homes, going only in one direction, a tax refund from HMRC could make a big dent. Research by RIFT Tax Refunds has found that many […]

Tetra Images / Getty En español After preparing your tax return and discovering you’ll get a refund, you might start planning how to spend or save it. Not so fast! Mistakes on your 1040 can keep you waiting for that refund. “When your return is right to start with, the chances that you’ll get your […]

Image source: Getty Images It’s a move I still don’t regret. Key points Tax refunds should not be regarded as found money. In spite of that, one year, I treated mine as such. As a self-employed writer, I’m no stranger to having to pay the IRS during tax season. Although I make a point to […]

Specialist work clothes, uniforms, footwear, tools, and equipment – many of us need these items to perform at our jobs and some of them don’t come cheap! The good news? You can claim back tax on uniforms and some other items. Construction workers, teachers, and healthcare workers – find out what you’re owed and how […]