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1. Repayment of Principal and 2. Repayment of Interest As the repayment comprises two different components, the tax benefit on a home loan is governed by different sections of the Income Tax Act.  Therefore, the following are the benefits available on loans taken on House Property which can be claimed as deductions in the Income Tax […]

Request Download Sample Ask For Discount  Company Profile New Jersey, United States,- The Tax Preparation Software Market has experienced remarkable dynamism in recent years. The constant increase in demand due to the increase in purchasing power bodes well for the world market. Verified Market Report’s latest publication “Tax Preparation Software Market Research Report 2021-2028” provides an overview […]

The tax season can be very stressful for a business owner. Many people tend to procrastinate preparing their tax returns until the last minute hence making it complicated. You need your tax schedule throughout the year to assist you in preventing stress and unnecessary blunders. You may drastically lessen the amount of stress that comes […]

Hiring an online service, like Bench, might be the proper choice for your small business should you prefer to work on-line and your small business isn’t cash-heavy. Using a spreadsheet is free, but you’ll should work a bit to create monetary reports. This course is a examine of the effective communication abilities as utilized to […]

Section 80C Exemptions | To persuade citizens to invest in various ways, the government allows  exemptions during the calculation of income tax. Therefore, the most popular ones fall under Section 80C.  Here is a guide.  In other words, A person’s total income is calculated by adding the income he earns from different sources. Excluding names is a specific […]

In the full Budget, presented on July 5, 2019 a new section 80EEB was introduced which would give tax exemption up to Rs 1.5 Lakhs on interest paid for purchase of electric vehicles provided it fulfills certain conditions. Eligibility Conditions for 80EEB Following are the eligibility conditions for Section 80EEE: The loan should be sanctioned […]

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 Can Fraudulent Tax Return Preparation Become An Addiction?  It is true, I have written more than a few times about tax return preparers who engage in fraud. It is important for taxpayers to understand that they need to do sufficient research to find a tax return preparer who complies with the […]