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Montclair State University is mandating freshmen have a cell phone. This gives the school the opportunity to determine where the student is at any time. When this process began, the students were not really happy but, now, the students realize that this voluntary tracking system provides more safety. This gives the school a better way […]

DIY solar panels are the most cost-effective way to generate electricity for domestic and commercial use. Drive further by the mounting charge of power and the search for a green alternative source of energy. People are resorting to DIY solar energy panels for their source of electricity. DIY solar energy panels are so simple to […]

The rise in super sleek technology has made cell phones and i-pods as much of an accessory as a designer handbag. Technology for women is big business as companies scramble to meet the demand of ultra-chic products targeted to women. Online stores like , CharmedGirlOnline, brings fashionable women’s technology products together in one place to […]

Mouse drift is a common problem on laptop computers: the mouse cursor wanders automatically and continuously till it stops in some corner of the screen when you are moving it or not moving it at all. Otherwise a few optical mouse devices get this failure as well. Then how to eliminate it? Laptop mouse If […]