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July 28th, 2021 by Jake Stofan

Floridians will have the opportunity to stock up on school supplies and save some money with the kick off of the 10-day back to school sales tax holiday starting this Saturday.

The Florida Retail Federation said forecasted spending is up this year, with the average family expected to spend up to $900 on school supplies.

Throughout the 10-day holiday it’s estimated Floridians will save $69.4 million in taxes on clothing, footwear and backpacks costing up to $60 and computers less than a $1,000.

Also on most school supplies costing $15 or less.

“So we’re definitely seeing more people that are going to be shopping online and we understand that. And we encourage that if you do shop online, shop with a retailer that invests in your community. We use the term ‘find it in Florida’. There’s a lot of retailers large and small that invest in Florida, hire Floridians and pay taxes in Florida. So if you do shop online, try and shop with one of them and support your local community,” said Federation President Scott Shaley.

Between the back to school, hurricane and freedom week holidays Floridians are expected to avoid a grand total of $168 million in sales tax this year.

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