Canada-U.S. Tax Preparation (Business and Personal) – Freelance Job in Other – Accounting & Consulting – Less than 30 hrs/week – 1 to 3 months

I am in need of an experienced cross-border tax preparer who is well-versed in Canada-U.S. tax filing requirements. my wife and I are Canadian citizens living in Florida on a business visa. We have formally exited Canada as tax residents since 2018. I believe we are considered non-resident aliens in the U.S.

We have both Business and Personal Tax Preparation filing requirements as well as rental properties on both sides of the border. Let’s have a brief 20-minute initial conversation. I am willing to pay your rate if you are easy to talk to and can demonstrate your expertise.

I am still a Canadian Certified Financial Planner, but no longer practicing, so you and I can speak at a bit of a higher level.

Please only contact me if you are already experienced with my type of situation. Unfortunately, I’ve had too many conversations with people who claimed they knew what to do. Lastly, please begin your response with the words “purple cow”, so I know you read this posting in detail.

Thank you!