Accounting Services and Tax Preparation

Accounting Services and Tax Preparation

Running a business requires a lot of time and dedication. Accounting often takes a back seat to customer service, managing employees, and dealing with other issues. We provide advisory services for small businesses in Minneapolis MN, Saint Paul MN, and the surrounding metro areas. Contact us today. 952-237-9471

Tax Return & Accounting

We offer tax planning and bookkeeping services that can help you keep your concentration on increasing your bottom line. As a business owner your time is valuable and better spent servicing your customers and the growth of your business. We take the worry out of navigating complex tax rules and regulations. Our goal is to provide accounting services for both large and small businesses.

Our services include:

  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Income statements
  • Payroll Processing
  • Tax Planning
  • General ledger maintenance, cash flow and balance sheet statements
  • Managing payable and receivable accounts
  • Setting up your business as a corporation, partnership, or LLC
  • Capital and expense budgets

Cash Flow Harmonization and Bank Statements

Have you ever attempted to manage your account receivables into cash? If so, then you know how business accounting services can be trickier than you thought. We help the small business owners with account transactions, evaluate bank fees, and recognize fraudulent activity. Our accounting and bookkeeping services supply you with the foundation needed to compete in our current economic environment.

Income Statement and Balance Sheet Maintenance

When it comes to your business your balance sheet and income statements are the most important analytical tools used. Your business income statement and balance sheet are used by lenders, bankers and investors to identify the health of your company. A balance sheet is your companies financial history and shows a clear picture of its worth by incorporating your liabilities and assets. The income statement provides a simple record of your earnings and non-capital expenses over any period of time. When these statements are properly managed, these documents will help you understand:

  • The financial worth of your business
  • Identify and manage over and under budget areas
  • Identify problems and understand the impact of expected or unexpected probabilities
  • How to plan for future growth and expenses
  • Understand income tax liabilities

Dedicated to Service

Everyone can expect friendly service and confidentiality with all of our services. We advise on many issues in regards to personal or corporate accounts. We are here to serve you as an outsourced CFO, we provide business accounting services including:



Sales tax preparation

Prior year returns

Payroll tax problems

Back taxes

Non-filed tax returns

We are here to provide the upmost professional service. We do everything from small business accounting, business formation and tax return preparation and more.

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Find out how our bookkeeping and accounting services can help you operate your business more effectively.

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