Accountant for annual tax preparation – Freelance Job in Other – Accounting & Consulting – Less than 30 hrs/week – More than 6 months


For my startup LLC or in German GmbH I need someone to support me in the end of the year with all accounting and tax documents. Since the business is located in Switzerland we need to follow Swiss laws. I need someone with an accounting background who could operate a software in order to be ready for tax purposes in the end of the year. I was thinking about such a software: I would buy it and make it accessible to you.
If you have a better idea in terms of software or Website I am open for proposals.
So this job includes first of all collecting all my documents and importing them into a software before checking the final result. In the end we need to submitt the created documents to Swiss tax officials.
Ones we have done this task together I like you to take it over in the future so that I can focus on running the business. As the business is growing I will need more support from you also on a monthly basis.

Are you my accountant?

Thanks in advanced.