4 Features Of The Best Tax Research Software

There are a variety of tax research tools available, all of which aim to give you the most up-to-date tax information so you can prepare accurate returns and make informed tax decisions. But the best tax research software solutions provide a range of features that not only keep you informed, but also make your tax workflows more efficient.

4 Features Of The Best Tax Research Software

1. Information-gathering

No one likes to do all the digging required to unearth this precious information, especially when each jurisdiction has unique information to find. That’s where tax research tools come in handy. Any research software worth its salt should include verified mailing addresses, key deadlines, and depreciation tables, all of which are updated annually. For example, the CrowdReason team updates and validates these aspects so users have a few less tasks to worry about.

2. Tax Calendar

Due dates for filing tax returns, paying bills, and appealing notices of assessment can creep up on you before you know it. A tax calendar can help you easily keep track of these important dates to ensure your team stays on top of timelines in relevant jurisdictions.

3. One-click Form Generation

The best tax research software includes the most up-to-date return forms from nearly every jurisdiction in the U.S. But TPT goes a step further by automatically filling out the appropriate state and local forms you select using information you’ve already entered into the system. (It’s capable of filling out thousands of forms in minutes!) You can then print and send the forms to the appropriate jurisdictions.

4. Depreciation Schedules

Another key piece of tax information is the depreciation schedule. Each jurisdiction has its own set of depreciation schedules for various assets, and tax research software like TPT obtains these schedules for you. You can then apply the schedules to each asset, whether they be telephone systems or computer software—or you can upload and use your own schedules.

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