15 Best Crypto Tax Software 2022

Cryptocurrency is a topic on everyone’s radar. It may only mean a trading stock to some people, but its rising popularity cannot be ignored.

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency based on blockchain technology and is secured by cryptography rather than a centralized authority.

Crypto technology has become more popular among hardworking citizens interested in trying something outside traditional investing and trading.

Keeping track of your activities for tax purposes can be challenging, starting with crypto trading. Remember, you must report every crypto transaction you conduct to the IRS, meaning you also need to keep a lot of data on hand.

Luckily, crypto tax software can automate these tasks and provide ready-to-file paperwork. Let’s get straight to analyzing each one of them to see which tool suits your crypto needs.

Best Crypto Tax Software

1. Koinly

Koinly is undoubtedly one of the best crypto tax software that is feature-rich and easily connects with all your wallets, blockchain addresses, exchanges, and services. The tool gives you a clear picture of your crypto investment across different platforms while providing accurate reports.

Koinly’s multiple features ensure you don’t pay for what is strictly necessary. With its free plan, you can view your crypto gains and income and import all your data in real-time. It has a clean interface and works great for beginners.

The software generates reports for you regardless of your geographical location. Koinly simplifies tax calculation by only calculating tax liable to your crypto exchanges.

One of Koinly’s outstanding features is automated data importing. The feature ensures that no transaction record falls through the cracks, even with its multiple integrations with wallets and exchanges.

Once you import your data, the tool helps you track every fee and reconcile all information with a few clicks. It also allows you to export your data to other tax software, including Tax Act and TurboTax.

On the downside, Koinly lacks an independent tax-loss harvesting tool. Overall, it is an excellent platform with advanced transaction filtering and provides you with enough features for you to DIY your taxes effectively.

Koinly’s free version lets you quickly calculate crypto taxes and supports over 300 exchanges. But if you wish to access unlimited wallets and exchanges, you can choose Koinly’s paid plans from $49 per tax year.

2. Accointing

Accointing is a crypto tracking and tax reporting tool that helps you track the market, access tax loss harvesting, analyze your portfolio, and get your tax reports.

The Switzerland-based crypto tax software simplifies the management of your crypto taxes using seamless integrations that allow for the direct import of all your transactions.

Accointing is also known for its user-friendliness and intuitive data organization, which is ideal for beginners. The tool also features a smooth uploading process that further simplifies your tax filing.

The platform has an easy-to-use dashboard and supports over 300 wallets and exchanges. Its top-notch tax tracking features and the crypto calculator that complies with IRS further make Accointing a great choice.

The supportive team at Accointing helps you easily track your portfolio and report your crypto taxes by yourself.

It also has features to analyze your portfolio to help you make more innovative moves in the future. With Accointing, you can explore the crypto market and harvest tax loss, and it is a great solution for beginners as it only supports tax reporting for 25 transactions.

Accointing takes care of your crypto taxing needs whether you use tax software, a CPA, or file your taxes the old-fashioned way. While the tool has a free version, it gives you more options with its paid packages.

The Accointing Pro package allows you to file up to 50,000 transactions for $299 annually. Other plans include Trader at $199 per year for 5,000 transactions and Hobbyists at $79 per year for 500 transactions.

3. CoinLedger

CoinLedger is cryptocurrency and NFT tax software that saves you time while maximizing your refund. The platform is designed to make filing taxes and tracking gains and losses stress-free.

With CoinLedger, you can upload your tax report to platforms such as TaxAct, H&R Block, TurboTax, and TaxSlayer.

Its support team is available to help you through email and support chat, and whether you use Coinbase or wallets such as MetaMask, the tool allows you to import your transactions with a click of a button.

CoinLedger classifies transaction history into their respective tax treatment. The process happens automatically, but you can still make individual adjustments manually.

One feature that stands out is its historic pricing engine, which automatically tracks the cost basis of assets as they transition from one wallet to the other.

CoinLedger lets you view your gains and losses before paying a tax report. Once all processes are done, you can download a comprehensive report with a button.

This platform has crypto tax reporting plans that trace tax reports from 2010-2022 in a one-time purchase plan per tax session.

These plans include Hobbyist at $49 for 100 transactions, Day Trader at $99 for 1,500 transactions, High Volume at $199 for 5,000 transactions, and Unlimited plan at $299 for unlimited transactions.

4. CryptoTax Calculator

If you are looking for a tool that can accurately calculate your crypto taxes, then you should consider CryptoTax Calculator. The tool saves you the struggle of using Excel with its configurable settings and integration with significant wallets, exchanges, and chains.

CryptoTax Calculator performs calculations with high accuracy and uses data to deliver detailed calculations. The software considers parameters such as staking, airdrops, mining, ICO participation, and DeFi staking rewards.

This tool provides a full breakdown of all calculations to help you understand how taxes have been calculated, the applied rules, and customizable rules for individual circumstances.

The software works with complex DeFi products and supports popular staking and LP protocols as long as you add your public wallet address. CryptoTax Calculator is trusted by leading accountants and tax experts who value accurate and detailed reports.

All Crypto Tax Calculator plans cover all transactions, including DeFi, derivatives, staking, DEXs, and all downloadable reports for all financial years.

These plans include Rookie at $49 for 100 transactions, Hobbyist at $99 for 1,000 transactions, Investor at $189 for 10,000 transactions, and Trader at $299 for 100,000 transactions.

5. TokenTax

TokenTax is crypto tax calculation software and a full-fledged crypto tax accounting firm designed to solve your sophisticated crypto tax cases. You can trust TokenTax to handle your taxes as it takes care of them from start to finish.

Its in-house accounting capabilities enable the tool to drive simple and sophisticated tax calculations. TokenTax is one of the leading platforms that translate DeFi activities into transactions that tax agencies can understand.

TokenTax is believed to have pioneered the crypto tax space. The tool was solely created with tax accounting in mind, as reflected in features such as the Tax Loss Harvesting Dashboards and Minimization Accounting method.

This platform is user-centered and builds products to help taxpayers but not to monetize data. The tool also provides live chat support regardless of the price tire you choose, and its product experts are knowledgeable, friendly, and all-rounded.

Whether you treat crypto trading casually or it’s a whole career for you, TokenTax has a plan that fits your needs.

If you are a casual or Coinbase Pro investor, you can purchase the Basic plan at $65 per tax year. But if you are an expert crypto investor looking for expertly prepared tax returns, the VIP plan at $3,499 is the best fit for you.

6. ZenLedger

ZenLedger is excellent crypto tax software that handles your and your clients’ crypto taxes. It is a perfect solution, primarily if you manage thousands of transactions, and help you cover all types of reports.

This tool handles capital gains and losses reporting and has a Grand Unified Accounting feature that lets you transact from multiple wallets in a single spreadsheet. It is also an excellent tool for non-crypto taxes and has plans for both taxes.

ZenLedger is an excellent option for professionals offering crypto-taxing services to their clients. The tool gets your DeFi, NFT, and crypto taxes done in a minute, helps you track your trades, and sees your profits and losses.

You can get started with ZenLedger in three simple steps. Import your exchanges and wallets through read-only CSV, API, or public receiving address, review transactions to ensure that you imported transactions successfully, and instantly download your forms.

ZenLedger offers competitive pricing plans to meet your specific crypto tax and trading needs. The plans forever give you access to tax reports to help you update or add transactions before filing and printing tax forms.

Get a 20% discount when you choose a multiple-year plan or file unlimited transactions with its platinum plan at $999 per year.

7. Ledgible

Ledgible is one of the most advanced and professional crypto software that helps you determine crypto liabilities while delivering data to the tax and accounting systems you already have.

The platform is built for tax professionals, CPAs, and institutions. Legible is rich in all the features you need to make crypto data Ledgible legible.

Its advanced client portal helps you connect with new and existing customers easily. Its advanced reporting integrates with your current systems to generate forms like IRS Form 8949.

If you are new to the tool, you can learn to easily navigate through its various tools packed with information about it and how it works.

Crypto education brings you up to speed on the best practices for crypto accounting and taxes. It also offers guidance and knowledge from Ledgible partners and experts. The platform also allows you to check out the latest news and articles from the Ledgible news feature.

Ledgible offers a simple pricing plan for maximum value. Purchase the professional and consumer tax plan starting at $49 or ask for custom pricing for the enterprise accounting package.

8. TaxBit

Another excellent crypto tax software to consider is TaxBit. TaxBit is a robust tax and accounting solution for your cryptocurrencies. It helps you achieve compliance and accuracy.

This platform operates at a scale of a Big Four grade self-service solution and gives you end-to-end information reporting and IRS audit trail management on a cost and cross-platform basis.

Tax attorneys and CPAs design TaxBit software. The industry trusts it to power compliance for various renowned names in digital assets. TaxBit is also a selected alliance partner for Deloitte.

This is the tool to look for accurate self-service tax solutions for end-to-end compliance. It is a modernized accounting platform empowered with muscles to handle the complexity of crypto assets, including robust reporting and ERP integrations.

TaxBit is trusted by the government and regulatory agencies, thanks to its ability to offer complete data analysis examination support and detailed and accurate tax calculation reporting.

The free TaxBit plan allows you to enjoy unlimited transactions, email support, and connected wallet addresses. To access more features, upgrade to its annual Basic Plan at $50.

9. Coinpanda

Coinpanda is considered one of the most reliable and easy-to-use crypto tax software. Coinpanda lets you file your tax returns within 20 minutes and is an excellent solution for cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and NFTs.

This platform was created after its makers went through tax frustrations. Therefore, the team understands your case better; hence it helps you save time downloading tax reports, minimizing taxes, and maximizing profits.

Coinpanda is easy to use. It works best for serious investors looking to track their crypto portfolio, gain insight into crypto trading, and learn how to optimize profits.

It directly integrates over 500 wallets, exchanges, and blockchains and allows you to import all your historical transactions using API keys or CSV files.

The platform offers free tax preview and portfolio tracking. To access more features and transactions, purchase the Holder Plan at $49 per year per 100 transactions, the Trader Package for $99 per year per 1,000 transactions, or Pro Plan for $189 for 3,000 transactions.

10. BlockSentry

BlockSentry is an excellent crypto tax tool for detailed analysis and insights into your portfolio. It provides real-time insight into crypto trading across various exchanges. It also gives a detailed analysis of gains and losses.

The platform stands out as a tool using advanced AI technology to auto-fill tax forms and automatically detect inter-account transfers, saving you time and money.

BlockSentry is also an end-to-end government compliance tool that goes beyond filing your taxes to help you with tax identity management, global reporting, CRS and FATCA reporting, remittance, and reconciliation.

Start your BlockSentry free experience by accessing two monthly tax analyses for your 100 transactions. To make up to 1,000 transactions, purchase Blocksentry’s Premium plan at $60 and enjoy custom features, a portfolio tracker, and an audit trail.

11. Atani

Atani is an excellent crypto tax software to manage your portfolio and do more than automate tax reports.

It is a multi-account aggregator and portfolio management tool that helps you securely connect Coinbase, Binance, dexes, FTX, and more than 70 other exchanges and blockchains. It gives you complete control over crypto activities and is available in 200+ countries.

Atani is home to advanced features to help you trade Bitcoin and over 3,000 other cryptocurrencies. It’s made for investors of all levels with free access to trading premium tools.

These advanced tools include drawing tools, multi-charging, unlimited chart saving, and all your favorite technical indicators.

Atani is free to use.

12. BitGo

BitGo is a reliable crypto tax tool that resolves your present and historical crypto transactions. It claims to deliver trust in digital assets and enables you to navigate the complex landscape of cryptocurrency using a secure, connected, and compliant suite of solutions.

The platform operates on the belief that crypto assets will drive the global financial system soon. It works on the most vital technological foundation that enables integrated solutions to mitigate risk and optimize capital efficiency.

BitGo is best for institutional clients. Since 2013, the platform has been devoted to striking an excellent balance between accessibility and security using its hot, cold, and warm wallet solutions.

It is known for its exceptional services for trading cryptocurrency directly and has portfolio tools that offer you better insights for better decision-making.

BitGo is one tool that simplifies tax reporting, thanks to its flexible tax configurations and report generation. Its web APIs allow you to manage multiple currencies via a unified interface.

BitGo uses a Volume Discount Pricing methodology for its hot wallet customers.

13. Blockpit

Blockpit lets you calculate crypto taxes for an entire portfolio. This platform is worth investing in because it is reliable, fast, and 100% compliant. Blockpit is KPMG-approved and is an excellent solution for importing data, checking your transactions, and creating tax reports.

With Blockpit, you can connect your wallets and exchanges through API and let the tool do the rest on your profile.

Blockpit allows you to enjoy unlimited imports from over 350 wallets and exchanges. The tool can import everything you do in the cryptoverse through CSV, and it promises you an incredibly relieving experience as you strive to get your tax reports.

This platform provides completed reports that can be downloaded in PDF. It features real-time tracking of all your assets, exchanges, wallets, and trades. Blockpit’s clean interface ensures that you make intelligent decisions.

Blockpit has various licenses for your crypto needs. If you are not sure as to whether to use the platform, try it for free and enjoy an automated wallet, up to 25 transactions, and exchange updates.

14. SoftLedger

SoftLedger is a real-time crypto tax and cloud accounting software that empowers your business with intelligent solutions. Softledger is fast and enables you to efficiently manage several entities, close your tax books faster, and integrate with other platforms.

Crypto is volatile. Therefore, you need SoftLedger to make intelligent decisions, stay compliant, and see the value of your assets.

SoftLedger is a fully connected toolkit that offers real-time multi-wallet crypto asset management, transactional reporting, and accounting.

The tool is also built to adapt to the growing crypto enterprise. Softledger is easy to use and intuitive, meaning you can get your data faster and keep going.

You can make the best out of SoftLedger with its pricing plans. For instance, its SBM plan for $979 per month can serve up to three users. But if you prefer additional features for unlimited users and transactions, you can request the team for custom pricing.

15. CoinTracker

CoinTracker is an easy-to-use crypto tax solution that enables you to file NFT and crypto taxes faster. CoinTracker is trusted by over one million users, allowing you to sync and generate tax forms quickly.

Its automated portfolio tracking features let you view your investment performance, market value, and portfolio allocation in real-time. The tool unifies your transition history across cryptoverse and makes it filterable and searchable.

CoinTracker allows you to save money all year round. It optimizes robust accounting methods and allows tax loss harvesting to save thousands per year.

The tool can help you become fully tax-compliant with crypto tax rules. You can download your tax reports with a few clicks and file them with your accountant or TurboTax.

Its mobile app empowers you to keep an eye on your portfolio and crypto prices on the go. The tool supports over 8,000 crypto assets and over 300 exchanges.

CoinTracker is the easiest and the most accurate tool to help you file your crypto taxes faster. The tool offers two plans with a one-time payment and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The Hobbyist plan will cost you $59, while the Premium plan will cost you $199.

Final Words

There you have it – 15 excellent tools to solve your crypto tax and trading problems. I picked on the above tools because I believe that they are best suited for your needs and that they are unique in their functionality, reliability, and ease of use.

But since you can only use one tool at a time, I suggest you go for a feature-rich tool that gives you valuable insights into your crypto portfolio and is more profound into your transaction history across the cryptoverse.

In this case, I recommend Koinly.