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Trustwave Holdings has published a report implicating a Chinese bank in an apparent malware operation targeting several corporate Western users of Microsoft Windows. Trustwave – an infosec subsidiary of Singapore’s Singtel – reported that it identified this suspected malware software as installed by “at least” two Western entities – a UK tech company, and what’s […]

Patch Exchange already, will ya? GoldenSpy lurks in tax software Chinese banks prefer their foreign clients to use. Magecart gets cleverer. Another unsecured AWS S3 bucket, and this one’s not funny. Microsoft urges Exchange server patching. Sure it does your taxes, but it’s got another agenda, too: the GoldenSpy backdoor may be in your tax […]

Laval will be receiving more than $23 million this year from the federal Gas Tax Fund, made possible through taxes collected at the gas pump. The City of Laval will be getting $23,303,973 from the federal government this year as one of the 1,125 municipalities across Quebec that will also be receiving […]

Here’s why you shouldn’t panic about your stimulus payment. Getty There’s lots of confusion—and unnecessary fear—surrounding the COVID-19 stimulus checks. Understandably so, since these “Recovery Rebates” have been made a part of the always confusing U.S. Tax Code.  The stimulus checks, which are one-time payments from the government to help consumers weather the economic storm […]

If you accept annihilation added than the simplest tax return, H&R Block’s Deluxe State Tax Software is an accomplished deal. People with assorted and circuitous deductions, tax credits, and advance … Income Tax Form 5 Software Download Seven Small But Important Things To Observe In Income Tax Form 5 Software Download – income tax form […]

Americans are struggling through tough times. Tens of millions of people are out of work and counting on getting money from whatever sources they can. Between expanded unemployment benefits, $1,200 stimulus checks, and other assistance programs, most people simply can’t afford to wait for cash that’s coming to them. Around this time each year, many […]