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Wise Food Storage is making strides to become a major player in the emergency food storage industry. While they may still have some ground to cover, recent adjustments go a long way to calm some of the previous consumer complaints. Order your free sample and give them a try before making a decision. Wise Company, advertised by its website domain Wise Food Storage, sells freeze dried and dehydrated food for emergencies and outdoor use.

Popular Food Kits

Product Introduction Full version Offer
3 Month Emergency Food in a Box for 1 Person $ 279.99
Basic Package - 2 Month Food Supply for 1 Adult $ 299.99
Essential Package - 2 Month Food Storage for 2 Adults $ 484.99
Premier Package - 6 Month Supply for 1 Adult $ 759.99
Deluxe Package - 1 Year Food Supply for 1 Adult $ 1439.99
Family Wise Choice Bundle $ 2651.99

Hello and welcome to my Wise Food Storage Review.

I decided to write this review for anyone who is considering purchasing a long term food storage to protect their family from the ever-changing world that we live in today and is looking into Wise Food Storage as their survival food source.

In this review I will be covering all of the information you will need to confirm if Wise is the right company for you or if you can scratch them off your list as suppliers, so let's get started.

What Is Wise Food Storage?

Wise is one of the most well know providers of long term food storage due to many celebrities that have endorsed their line of survival foods. Wise, a Utah based company, was founded in 2008 as a door to door direct sales company which quickly grew to be one of the leaders in the survival food sector due to their innovative approach to food storage which has forever changed the way that we store long term food storage. Wise Food Storage was determined to be more than just another long term food storage company and knew they had to do something different to break through in a already saturated market.

To do this Wise released several innovative changes to the survival food industry, including:

These changes as well as several celebrity endorsements proved effective as Wise was able to quickly gain market share in the survival food industry.

Today Wise has continued perfecting their long term food storage and while they still do not offer a complete line of survival supplies like so many of their competitors, they have some of the highest rated and most competitively priced survival meals on the market.

What people really like about Wise is the simplicity and value of their meals.


Wise packs all of their meals in airtight mylar bags which helps to extend the life of their meals, each bag contains between 4 -8 servings so their is no wasted food like with #10 cans and you are able to rotate a variety of foods so you are not eating the same meal over and over.

I have not tried all of them but Wise currently offers:


Wise uses a combination of dehydrated and freeze dried foods to prepare each of their meals which depends on which method maintains the foods original flavor, shape, color and texture. Wise uses freeze-dried fruits and vegetables and everything else is dehydrated, which is then blended together to create each meal. All Wise Meals are made with ingredients from the United States to ensure the quality, freshness and consistency of their meals Wise has a long track record of high customer satisfaction rating with the taste and quality of their foods and has received the highest customer ratings in the industry. People really like the simplicity of Wise meals, just chose which meal you want, open the bag, pour in hot water and stir.

Customer Service

I have read mixed opinions of Wise Foods customer service with many people saying that they could do a better job on the phone side

When you complete the purchase, you just need to send a screenshot to my email, you will receive a $ 5 Amazon gift card.